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Poetry Mixtape

Poetry Mixtape

The past 365 sunrises have been nothing shy of beautiful and messy in the love field.

I've relished shifting it into letters almost as much as I've relished living it.  Here I share ten of its little poems.  Some are direct descents of truth, while others are shadows of events I was lucky enough to witness.

As always, all the love to you.

PS: I know this isn't really a mixtape because a) there's no music involved and b) they're all written by me.  But let's play along, okay?


His eyes, kind with flecks of bittersweet

Like centuries old tomes, I see it 

Still in love I'm an illiterate scholar 

I do what I know and beg him not to go

So in moments he's undone into a ghost

Welcomed home by my lips when they're alone


The shadows dance out and I

Cozy into him like a trophy

Tickling lips, whispering secrets and I

Sink in tune with this human lullaby 

But the sun now shakes me, wakes me like

A mistreated mistress knock, knocking

Revolting for more torture and I'm

Reminded lying here's a nightmare 


We're electricity in a storm

Off and on, off and on toward

Heart scars and almost desire

Hypnotizing, victimizing like

A snake in the grass

Alas, if friendship's king of the jungle

I'm queen of this charade 


Another round of loneliness on the rocks

Just one more, he promises

She's still the same

Her lack of love won't change

He agrees, but in his eyes I screamingly see

How he desires her, so desperately

Yet never me


I'm a fixer, hunter for love

"Okay, it's okay, I'm here,"

The comfort, perpetual whispers per me

He just spits silence like it's Shakespeare

Disappears, fiddles with his straw

I think he's finally said it all

God, I'm so broken

From always doing what's right


Shaking, you're asking if I'll write about this

Stranger, my pen's a spitting jail cell

I suggest your best behavior

Show me your aces, your prized mistakes

I'll undress it all later

Into stainless steel heartbreak


You're the bestselling series of bad decisions

Gift wrapped into a perfect white tee

And I'm the plaid shirt just crumpled here

Waiting for you to unbutton me


I could never stand smoking

But oh, when you inhale

It's like watching you undress


You wear a sweater woven of bad karma

Trickless, you could romance the world

If only you'd take it off

Come own the moonlight, you and I 

Could twist and dip like whiskey fireflies

This night's the finish line

It's enough


You're a thundershower in October

Rich reds losing at peek-a-booing

Teasing and endearing amongst these blasts

You're the first good thing I saw today

I'd be okay if you were the last

When You'll Have It All Together

When You'll Have It All Together

To My Anxiety, the Worst Friend I've Ever Had

To My Anxiety, the Worst Friend I've Ever Had